About Kitbliss

Kitbliss was created by me, Chris Oakley. I illustrate all the kits, write all the articles and produce all of the podcasts associated with the Kitbliss website.

This project is a celebration of all that's great about football kit design. It's part historical archive, part blog site, but above all else it's a way of reminding oneself that football kits offer a glorious combination of colour, creativity, history and identity.

The Kitbliss website features around 2,000 indivdual kit illustrations, links to well over 30 podcasts and dozens of pages of text relating to suppliers, sponsors and teams. Please feel free to explore everything that's available here, get in touch if you'd like to discuss something of interest to you, and if you'd like to support the Kitbliss project with a small monthly donation, please visit Patreon.com/Kitbliss. Thanks for stopping by...

Chris Oakley

Co-creator and writer for various blogsites, most notably Some People Are On The Pitch, Football Fairground and The Football Attic.

Former presenter of The Sound of Football podcast (2009-2012).

Co-creator, presenter and editor of The Football Attic Kit Podcast (2012-2015) and co-producer of The Football Attic blog site (2011-2015).

Nominated for 'Best Football Blogger' at the 2015 Football Supporters' Federation Awards.


Associate Producers:

Rob Carey, Terry Duffelen, Trym Hogner, Gavin Hope, Denis Hurley, Rik Keepers-Heath, Les Motherby, Rich Nelson, Neil Rawlings, Jonathan Smith and Kheng Lai Tan.

Senior Associate Producer:

Jay (DesignFootball.com), Rich Johnson, Chris Nee and Nick Sindt.

Designer / Executive Producer:

Chris Oakley