What Might Have Been: Classic Shirt Sponsor Logos

Close up of the Candy logo

If you're a fan of branding and visual design like me, you can do far worse than to visit a website called BrandNew. It has a regularly updated feed showing new logos that have been launched by companies around the world, and the other day, one such logo caught my eye...

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Review: Kitscene (Issue 1)

Kitbliss issue 1 cover detail

To paraphrase the words of William Shakespeare, I've not come here to bury Kitscene but to praise it. Alas, it may seem the opposite is true.

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Flashback: The Great Kit Caper of 1977

TV Times March 1977 article detail

There’s a certain irony about the way British football kit design exploded into life back in the mid-1970s. You’d think it would have had tongues wagging across the UK, yet as far as the media were concerned, it was barely worthy of note.

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Agreeably Vague - Costa Rica gets a re-badge

New Costa Rica badge

Hot on the heels of Norwich City comes Costa Rica with a new badge design of their own. Whether there was a more desperate need for theirs is difficult to say. Stylistically, the Central Americans’ former logo looked forever trapped in a world where clipart was king.

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Norwich's new badge - A word on the bird

New Norwich City badge for 2022-23

I will admit - it is growing on me. When I first saw the new Norwich City badge around 12 hours ago, my instinctive reaction was to think it was... well, a little juvenile.

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Charity begins away from home

Homeless person sleeping on the street

It's staggering how the human species often chooses not to do something simple when the alternative is far more difficult or inappropriate. Whether receiving a vaccine to protect oneself from a deadly virus or electing someone to run a country that isn't a total cretin, Team Human sometimes gets it inexplicably wrong.

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All bets are (nearly) off

Gambling sponsor logos on football shirts

On a sea of football shirts where every tide carries with it colour and creativity, sponsor logos are undoubtedly its flotsam and jetsam. Bobbing around like discarded plastic bottles and empty carrier bags washed away from the nearest beach, they bring clutter to their environment, seemingly of little use to anyone. When, for instance, did you ever think to yourself 'If I ever manage a large company, I really should make sure its finances are managed by Standard Chartered'?

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