Fantasy kits

Corporate Logos

Kits that have a dominant corporate logo, just like the Coventry City 'Talbot' kit of the early 1970's.

Regional ITV stations

Kits that represent one of a variety of former regional ITV companies.

1960's Shirt Sponsorship

English football team kits as they would have looked if shirt sponsorship had existed in the late-1960's.

Adidas: Early 80's

A popular Adidas kit template, depicted in varying colours for English teams that didn't wear it.

Euro 2016 Alternakits

Every competing nation from Euro 2016 given a 'better' home and away kit. Designed for

Lost Champions

Former league champions of Europe that no longer exist, and the kits they would have been wearing today. Designed for

The Mr Men

Ten of the most popular children's book characters depicted as football kits.

Southampton / Patrick

That big broad band - as it might have been worn by other teams.

Keegan-Era Newcastle Away Kits

The Magpies' best known change kits as if worn during the time of Wor Kev.

Liverpool's Pinstripes

Liverpool's 'Crown Paints' template (or at least the home version of same) applied to different clubs and countries (and Liverpool away kits).

Nike Vaporware

Arguably the most familiar kit template of the moment, applied to a wide range of other teams that have been missing out.

Formula 1 World Champion Cars

Recognisable four-wheeled liveries rendered as football kits. Inevitably.

Rock / Pop Artistes

Kits inspired by the outfits and graphical ephemera of musical performers.