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Episode 36: You Shouldn't Have...

Published: Published: 21 December 2021. Special guest: Jay ( Duration: 1h 59m.

It's the Kitbliss Christmas episode for 2021, and some of you have been kind enough to 'give' us football shirts as presents. How kind! But as we all know, Christmas can be a perilous time when loved ones gift us an item of clothing which is, shall we say, 'unwanted...'

Episode 35: True Colours 2

Published: Published: 22 November 2021. Special guest: John Devlin. Duration: 1h 05m.

Can it really be 15 years ago since John Devlin's second book, True Colours 2, was released? For those of us that own a copy, time has certainly flown since we got our hands on another bumper batch of John's kit illustrations...

Episode 34: Change One Thing...

Published: Published: 6 October 2021. Special guest: Rich Johnson. Duration: 1h 35m.

How often have you ever thought a football shirt would be much better if one thing about it was different? Here on The Kitbliss Podcast, we're thinking that all the time (don't judge us). To see if our instincts are right, we decided to put our theory to the test...

Episode 33: Puma Third Kits 2021

Published: 1 September 2021. Special guest: Jay ( Duration: 55m.

The Kitbliss Podcast returns with a look at some of the most controversial football kit designs of the last few years. Are Puma marketing geniuses or incredibly bad at making football kits?

Extra Episode 5: All About Jay

Published: 1 February 2021. Special guest: Jay ( Duration: 2h 09m.

Chris talks to regular Kitbliss Podcast guest Jay about his introduction to football and kit design, his long-standing connection with Design Football, baselayers, French football and much, much more.

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