The Timeline of NFL Soccer Kit Design

Not that long ago, former Kitbliss Podcast guest Andy Rockall suggested I create a set of football kits based on NFL teams. A perfectly reasonable proposition based on sound reasoning, but alas I could only give Andy bad news. I'd had the same idea a long time ago and decided against it on the basis that many other people had already illustrated football kits based on the uniforms of NFL teams. Go see for yourself.

But the idea of creating NFL soccer kits remained inside my head. How could I approach this most obvious of mash-ups but do it differently to those that had gone before me? The answer, of course, was to lean heavily on nostalgia by creating NFL soccer kits as they might have looked over the last 50 years. So here's a kit for just about every NFL team in some form or another in almost every one of those 50 years, using kit templates that should be all too familiar to many of you. (And thanks again to Andy for providing me with the inspiration to create the illustrations below...)

Click images below for a larger version.