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Episode 10: Christmas Kit Quiz 2018

Published: 12 December 2018. Special guests: John Devlin ( and Jay ( Duration: 58m.

In this special Christmas episode, Chris Oakley gathers together his three regular guests, Jay, John and Rich, for a football kit quiz that proves to be as entertaining as it is educational (i.e. not very much in either case). Test your own knowledge against our triumvirate of kit magnificence with questions like 'What colour home shirts do Dynamo Kiev wear?' or 'What connects West Ham's 1985-87 and 2018-19 home shirts?' If you think you know the answers to those two, then this is the podcast for you...

Episode 9: Template Kits

Published: 1 December 2018. Special guests: Rich Johnson (, John Devlin ( and Jay ( Duration: 1h 06m.

Are template kits a sign that your favourite team can't afford a bespoke design, or do they ooze a degree of smart conformity? In this episode, Jay and John join Chris to establish the good and bad points about those football kit designs that crop up time and time again in different colour combinations. Are you happy to see your own team wearing a template design, or should there be a wider range of kits on show? Listen in and join the debate...

Episode 8: The Definitive Top 10 Worst National Team Kits Ever

Published: 13 November 2018. Special guests: Rich Johnson ( and Jay ( Duration: 2h 05m.

Continuing on from the previous episode, we turn our attention to the worst national team kits ever (according to the entire internet). Once again, we raid our collection of data taken from 70 different internet sources to establish which countries have worn the worst kits ever seen in an international football match. As well as that, we tell you which are the five worst goalkeeper kits ever and generally give up in trying to say something positive about this weird and eclectic selection of football kit designs.

Episode 7: The Definitive Top 10 Worst Kits Ever

Published: 20 October 2018. Special guests: Rich Johnson (, Jay ( and John Devlin ( Duration: 1h 53m.

Have you ever noticed how many people have written blog articles or published YouTube videos to showcase (in their view) the worst football kit designs ever? If you haven't, you're missing out on a world of lazy research, borrowed opinions and misguided content. The question remains, however, that if you compiled the selections from a huge sample of these blog articles and videos, which would ultimately be the worst kits ever? The answer can be found on this podcast in which we reveal the top 10 worst football kits and do our best to tell you why they're far from terrible in the first place. Will your favourite team be featured in our countdown? Tune in to find out...

Episode 6: Novelty shirts and kits

Published: 6 September 2018. Special guests: Rich Johnson ( and John Devlin ( Duration: 1h 04m.

Barely a week seems to go by without the launch of yet another weird and wacky kit design, usually belonging to a Spanish lower-league club hell bent on worldwide notoriety, and often featuring large depictions of vegetables, seafood or internal body parts. But is the trend for novelty kits damaging to the integrity of football, and are these kits just a natural progression of those eye-raising designs we saw back in the 1980's and 90's? Join us as we sort the tiger stripes from the tuxedos on this trip into novelty kit heaven.

Episode 5: Premier League and Championship kits 2018-19

Published: 10 August 2018. Special guests: Rich Johnson (, Jay ( and John Devlin ( Duration: 1h 31m.

With the arrival of a new domestic season, the Kitbliss 'gang of four' is on hand to pick out their favourite kits and to single out those that could have been far, FAR better... From home kits to away kits, great kits and weird kits, you couldn't ask for a more comprehensive assessment of all that's on offer in the top two tiers of English football, but will our selections match up with yours? There's only one way to find out, so download and listen in to this free-for-all of kit-based conversation.

Episode 4: Kit Sponsorship

Published: 10 July 2018. Special guests: Rich Johnson ( and Jay ( Duration: 1h 09m.

We all take shirt sponsorship for granted now, but is it essential to complete the optimum look of a modern football shirt or does it spoil the design aesthetic? In this episode we not only try to work out when a corporate logo crosses the line from being acceptable to downright disruptive, but also look back at the history of shirt sponsorship to see who started the trend and where things are headed in the future.

Episode 3: World Cup 2018 Top 3's and THAT Nigeria shirt

Published: 13 June 2018. Special guests: Rich Johnson (, Jay ( and John Devlin ( Duration: 51m.

With most of the new kits released for the 2018 World Cup in Russia prior to recording, Chris, John, Jay and Rich pick their three best home kits for the benefit of anyone that will listen. Before all that there's an opportunity to wonder at the extraordinary popularity of the new Nigeria home shirt by Nike. Just what is it that caused so many people to queue up outside Nike's flagship London store? As ever, we try to provide you with all of the answers...

Episode 2: The Fabric of Football and Luke 1977

Published: 7 May 2018. Special guests: Jay ( and John Devlin ( Duration: 1h 10m.

Chris is joined by Jay and John to talk about The Fabric of Football, a new series of events that it's hoped will give football fans a chance to enjoy the beauty of football kit design first-hand. After that, it's time to assess Luke Roper's chances of succeeding as the new kit designer for Aston Villa FC. Can an independent designer take on the big manufacturers with a fresh take on kit design, and what are the risks involved in producing kit for such an historic team?

Episode 1: World Cup 2018 - Adidas v Nike

Published: 10 April 2018. Special guest: Rich Johnson ( Duration: 53m.

Chris and Rich look ahead to the 2018 World Cup and assess whose kits will be best - Adidas or Nike. Will the nostalgia-based designs of Adidas win the hearts and minds of football fans or will Nike grab the headlines with kits as eye-catching as those they've made for Nigeria?

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