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The Kitbliss Podcast is a monthly podcast in which Chris Oakley discusses football kit design with his specially invited guests.


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2022 episodes

Episode 39: Goodbye to you all...

Published: 10 September 2022. Special guests: Jay (, John Devlin and Rich Johnson. Duration: 1h 37m.

After four years and fifty episodes of different kinds, The Kitbliss Podcast has finally reached the end of the line. We've almost run out of words on the subject of football design, but we're taking this one last opportunity to give you the benefit of our wisdom. You lucky people...

Episode 38: Stripes!

Published: 6 March 2022. Special guest: Rich Johnson. Duration: 1h 18m.

It's often been noted on The Kitbliss Podcast that certain teams in England and Wales can't help but turn their backs on tradition. Take those clubs that usually wear striped home shirts. Why do some of them switch to a plain shirt every few years, or wear a diagonal sash or something completely different? In this episode, Rich Johnson joins Chris Oakley to look at those teams who can't resist an occasional change, looking at the best striped shirts and the most interesting 'break with tradition' shirts...

Episode 37: The Kitbliss 100 Greatest Football Shirt Templates (Part 1)

Published: 19 February 2022. Special guest: Jay ( Duration: 1h 16m.

If you're a regular visitor to the Kitbliss website, you'll know that a major new project has recently started that looks at the 100 Greatest Football Shirt Templates. Well we couldn't pass up an opportunity to talk in greater depth about that, so here's the first episode of many in which we check out the templates in positions 100 up to 96 in our countdown...

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