The Kitbliss Podcast

Episode 38: Stripes!

Published: 6 April 2022. Special guest: Rich Johnson. Duration: 1h 18m.

It's often been noted on The Kitbliss Podcast that certain teams in England and Wales can't help but turn their backs on tradition. Take those clubs that usually wear striped home shirts. Why do some of them switch to a plain shirt every few years, or wear a diagonal sash or something completely different? In this episode, Rich Johnson joins Chris Oakley to look at those teams who can't resist an occasional change, looking at the best striped shirts and the most interesting 'break with tradition' shirts.

Having done some research, number crunching and other stuff befitting of someone with no social life, Chris has worked out which clubs have been most committed to their striped home shirts since the Second World War, and his findings are revealed in this episode. There's also an appeal by Rich Johnson to anyone capable of designing football shirts: Can you create 10 striped shirt designs that look distinctly different to each other without losing the striped element? If so, Rich would like to hear from you...

Once again, we've produced a crib sheet so you can get a visual shortcut to many of the shirts mentioned. Unfortunately, it won't be of any use as you listen to two men spending far too long discussing the US sitcom Happy Days. Apologies in advance for that.




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