The Kitbliss Podcast

Episode 39: It's goodbye to you all...

Published: 10 September 2022. Special guests: Jay (, John Devlin and Rich Johnson. Duration: 1h 37m.

After four years and fifty episodes of different kinds, The Kitbliss Podcast has finally reached the end of the line. We've almost run out of words on the subject of football design, but we're taking this one last opportunity to give you the benefit of our wisdom. You lucky people...

It's the return of the classic line-up with Chris Oakley being joined by Jay (from, John Devlin and Rich Johnson for the first time in two years! Together, they look at some of the topics that continue to get everyone talking and generally getting under everyone's skin. Will there ever be an end to the tidal wave of retro shirt designs? Will we ever see the return of two-year kit cycles? Would baselayers have been quite as well known if it wasn't for Jay?

There's also time for one last (better) attempt at a football kit quiz, a tying-up of many outstanding subjects and a look at the best of the templates mentioned so far in the 100 Greatest Football Shirt Templates series. No end to the amount of content crammed in, and hopefully a fitting end to The Kitbliss Podcast itself.




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