The Kitbliss Podcast

Episode 36: You Shouldn't Have...

Published: 21 December 2021. Special guest: Jay ( Duration: 1h 59m.

It's the Kitbliss Christmas episode for 2021, and some of you have been kind enough to 'give' us football shirts as presents. How kind!

But as we all know, Christmas can be a perilous time when loved ones gift us an item of clothing which is, shall we say, 'unwanted.' The job for Chris and Jay on this episode is therefore to say thanks for the football shirts you've nominated in a delicate way that doesn't sound too disingenuous.

That said, not all the shirts were akin to the sort of garish jumpers your auntie knitted you for the festive season. Some of them were rather nice, and you can see what they all looked like by checking out our Kitbliss Crib Sheet here.

As well as our valiant attempts to sound grateful for your shirts, we've also got a review of the main kit news stories from recent weeks, plus memories of Robbie Fowler - The Overweight Years, discussions about UK retail uniforms and an appeal for someone to start up the first blog site all about shirts and socks. It's a 2-hour bumper episode, but what the heck - it is Christmas after all...




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